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The team at Carrossier ProColor Montréal Est.
By CRM Staff
Montreal, Quebec -- February 13, 2018 -- Carossier ProColor recently announced the promotion of its Montreal Est shop from Gold to Platinum certification in the Clé Verte program. The shop is located at 9698, Hochelaga in Montreal.
“Our goal, when we joined the Clé Verte program was to have a cleaner work environment,” says Nelson Poulin, owner of Carrossier ProColor Montreal Est. The shop was certified gold in April, 2012. “We bought new specific equipment and adapted our working environment to the criteria of the Clé Verte program,” he says.
Because the Clé Verte certification involves teamwork, Poulin and his colleagues have engaged in this process together to achieve their primary goal. “Each of our employees has done their job by recycling in order to make our environment healthier, safer and we have the result with our Platinum certification,” he says.
In order of maintaining this certification, Poulin is planning some improvements to modernize their workspace. “We are looking for new equipment to reduce dust in the workshop,” he says. “Being a bodyshop in downtown Montreal, it’s very important to have a positive environmental image. Customers really appreciate seeing a workshop that recycles because it enhances our image of a good collision repair centre instead of a polluter.”
For more information visit carrossier-procolor.com.


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