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Program of the Year winner 3M, pictured with Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes team.

Orlando, Florida -- February 13, 2018 -- Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes recently announced its selection for the annual Associated Product Vendor Awards. The awardees were honoured at a special reception with over 200 attendees composed of suppliers, employees and guests, at its national sales meeting in Orlando, Florida. 

Included among the associated products suppliers acknowledge this year are: 
3M: Sherwin-Williams Program of the Year
Innovative Tools: Sherwin-Williams Canada Vendor of the Year
Powers Paper Company (PPC): Sherwin-Williams Operational Excellence
This is the eighth consecutive Operational Excellence award for PPC, and its eleventh overall as a partner to Sherwin-Williams.
3M, in addition to its Program of the Year Award this year, has received back-to-back accolades, having been honoured as Sherwin-Williams’ Vendor-of-the-Year at last year’s award ceremony.
“Our vendor partners are an intricate part in helping us demonstrate the service excellence that our customers expect,” said Scott Walton, director of associated products marketing for Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes. “They are important to the ongoing service and attention to detail we provide all our collision repair customers.”
For more information on Sherwin-Williams, please visit sherwin-williams.com.


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