By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario -- January 1 2018 -- In 2018 we at Media Matters Inc. are looking forward to serving our readers with Collision Repair magazine, in print, digitally, and through its daily e-zine. We'll also be here to please with Collision Quebec, Bodyworx Professional for the techs and painters, Canadian Auto Recyclers, and more.

What do we promise for the new year? The voice of the Canadian collision repair industry has never sounded better; Collision Repair Radio will be available as a weekly podcast for your listening pleasure. Also look out for our 2018 Buyer's Guide & Directory, coming soon. Can't wait for our Buyer's Guide & Directory to come out? You can already sneak a peek at the latest products with our online products directory here:

Also in 2018, we're exploring a new way our readers can be a part of the Canadian collision repair community, with our upcoming editorial advisory boards. Media Matters Inc. is looking for key members of the industry who can offer a unique perspective and would like to give back to their community. Members act as a resource for our editorial team, providing input, suggestions, and insight into their part of the industry. If you are interested in participating, please email Publishing Director James Kerr at

From Darryl, Gloria, and James, we wish you all a prosperous and happy 2018.


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