By Tom Davis

St John's, Newfoundland -- December 18, 2017 -- One Newfoundland family has become the lucky recipient of a vehicle, after CSN-Collision Clinic once again played the role of Santa Claus with its 'Enriching Lives' car giveaway program.

Lucky applicant Sarah McNiven was presented with a fully reconditioned 2015 Ford Fiesta, the first year of car insurance, and various Christmas gifts donated by local vendors. The mother-of-two said she will now be able to easily get her children around for school and other events.

“Reliable transportation is not always easily attainable,” Sharon Wells, General Manager of CSN-Collision Clinic, told Collision Repair magazine. “To give back to our local community in this way is humbling and heartwarming.”

CSN-Collision Clinic said its aim is to give the gift of reliable transportation to someone who is unable to acquire one on their own at this time. To be eligible for the donation, which is now in its 14th year, candidates must complete an application on the CSN-Collision Clinic website and submit their resume and driving history. An outside selection committee then chooses the final recipient.

The damaged vehicle was acquired from an auto recycling facility, one of the bodyshop's sister companies, and restored to pre-accident condition by CSN-Collision Clinic technicians. Required parts were donated through the recycling facility, and other car related items, such as tires and car starters, were donated by local vendors. 

Wells commented: “This program is a real testament to the technicians who donate a lot of their spare time into repairing the vehicle. They are always happy to stay behind after work and give up their weekends to ensure the vehicle is safe and reliable for the recipient.”


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