By CRM Staff

Ottawa, Ontario -- December 13, 2017 -- Telematics systems and vehicle connectivity have the potential to significantly alter the already competitive automotive landscape in Canada, but how do consumers feel about connected cars? That's the question a new report from the AIA was designed to answer.

“Companies from software and telecommunications sectors are already entering the automotive market, while original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking to secure control over critical industry sectors,” reads a statement from the AIA.

'The Connected Car: Consumer Awareness of Vehicle-Generated Data' focuses on questions such as: where is the car owners' voice in all of this?; how do consumers feel when it comes to ownership of vehicle data?; and who do car owners believe this vehicle-generated data should be shared with?

It brings the critical perspectives of the consumer to the table, and seeks to understand their awareness levels around the new technology. The report also stresses the increased use of vehicle connectivity and the need for future conversations around transparency, consumer choice and data protection.

It is the fourth and last in the Consumer Behaviour Series of AIA reports, which also includes:

  • E-tailing: Online Shopping Habits of Canadian Car Owners
  • Car Care Information: What Media Channels Are Canadians Using?
  • Repair & Maintenance - Views of 2,000 Canadians
  • The Connected Car: Consumer Awareness of Vehicle-Generated Data

The report is available to all AIA members for free, or for purchase at the AIA Canada website,


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