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Cardinal Couriers

By Tom Davis

Mississauga, Ontario -- December 1, 2017 -- Time is the biggest issue for all businesses, but for Cardinal Couriers meeting deadlines comes naturally. The company is well-known for its transportation services to both the OEM automotive aftermarket and the automotive recycling sectors, and its new building will provide even greater capacity.

“This new building represents a significant investment for Cardinal Couriers, but the increased capacity and efficiency of our equipment will allow for a more efficient and accurate precise service for our customers,” commented Adrian Pavone, President of Cardinal Couriers.

The 95,000 sq ft warehouse features 42-dock level doors and two drive-in doors. Representing an increase of three times as many doors compared with its previous building, the company now sees stages twice as many vehicles at the same time. This results in a greater number throughput of volume and increased productivity for the business, with some 20,000 pieces coming through, and out, its doors each night.

A fully automated belt separates parcels, scans their bar code destination and dimensions, and weighs them. The belt then calculates the weight and dimensions as part of its 'shoe sorter' function, pushing the parcel into the correct pick-up line. The video below, created by Cardinal Couriers, gives an overview on how the belt operates.

Chris Takach, Cardinal Courier's Couriers’ Director of Operations, said: “We are embracing technology at a much higher greater level than we have previously used to, and this will help allowing us to become more efficient, get processing more pieces and more shipments of equipment in and out of our door, which and ultimately provide provides a better service for our customer and their customer.”

A drop yard in the building allows members of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) to use the facility as a drop-off zone. Drivers are able to use a computer system to check pieces in and out, allowing for increased recycling efficiency.

The new building has been rolled out over the last 18 months, but the company has even bigger plans across Canada. Currently serving across Ontario, Quebec, Montreal and the Maritimes, Cardinal Courier now plans to take the next step and bring these other sites in-line with its Ontario operation.

First in Cardinal Courier's next phase of planned growth and expansion plans is its Montreal terminal, which will be increased from 18,000 sq ft to 35,000 sq ft within the next year, with the company's other sites to follow within the next two to three years.

The company has built its reputation on being the “most reliable” pre-8 a.m delivery service for time-sensitive goods and parts. Cardinal Couriers does this through its Night Network™ pick-up and delivery solution. With its busiest hours between 7 p.m. And 2 a.m, the company takes a “first-to-market” approach that allows businesses to maximize their working day.

For more information, please visit cardinalcouriers.com.


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