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BY CRM Staff

Bologna, Italy -- November 27, 2017 -- Symach is designing a “cutting-edge” 3,000 square-meter technical department in its existing 16,000 sq ft facility in Bologna, Italy, that will feature some €1.5 million ($2.3 million CAD) worth of new tools.

The bodyshop equipment supplier said the new department will be equipped with a complete TRUMPF machining line including a TruPunch 3000 Sheetmaster machine for cutting sheet metal and loading, unloading and selecting parts, as well as a TruBend Series 5000 bending machine. Osvaldo Bergaglio, Owner and President of Symach. “We are making a significant investment of approximately €1.5 million in this equipment, which will provide Symach with the best tooling for optimizing production and having direct control over the quality of our products."

Berglaglio added the new equipment would increase production capacity by almost five times, allowing the company to reduce “delivery times and costs, and increase quality assurance” of the company's products.

Scheduled for installation in January 2018, the department is expected to be fully operational in March 2018. Staff in the department are currently completing training at the TRUMPF headquarters in Milan, Italy, to learn how to best utilize the machines.

He said the spirit and mission that drive Symach demonstrates how the company will provide tangible innovation to the collision repair industry in the years to come.

More information about Symach and its new department can be found at symach.com.


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