Kobe Steel

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario -- November 14, 2017 -- The recent and well-publicized faked data scandal involving Kobe Steel has impacted 525 companies across the automotive, aerospace, transport and nuclear industries, but will it affect collision repairers?

The company blamed a focus on profits and a rigid organizational structure after it found thousands of tons of materials supplied to OEMs did not meet the required specifications. Inspection certificates had been “improperly rewritten” for 19,300 tons of aluminium products, 2,200 tons of copper products and 19,400 units of aluminum castings and forgings between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017. Many OEMs have refused to comment on the materials they have been supplied. However, Kobe Steel claims that 474 out of 525 affected customers have found no safety issues, or their products have been found safe by Kobe Steel. Toyota has also confirmed in a statement that aluminium plates supplied by Kobe Steel with falsified data have satisfied safety and durability standards.

It's not known what impact this could have on the Canadian collision repair industry moving forward.

Collision Repair magazine is eager to here your thoughts. Are you worried how this could affect future repairs? Have you had any contact with OEMs? We want to hear what you have to say.

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