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By Tom Davis

Montreal, Quebec -- November 14, 2017 -- Leader Auto Resources (LAR), a dealer purchasing group across North America, has announced the launch of its new Dealers’ Collision Technology Institute in Montreal, Quebec.

The new facility will feature various processes, procedures and equipment from metalwork repair to aesthetic finishing. It will be utilized by various OEMs, ICAR, as well as by many of LAR’s new car franchised dealership members.

LAR, with the support of its partners, has invested more than $2M into the 6,000 sq ft facility. The equipment and materials utilized have been certified by the OEMs for “comprehensive collision repairs on today’s most technologically sophisticated vehicles,” said LAR.

Richard Villeneuve, LAR’s Director of Sales and Business Development of Automotive Refinish, will head up the facility.

The metalwork repair section of the institute will include OEM-compliant welding, spot welding and brazing courses for both steel and aluminium car bodies. It will also feature tools and equipment, from welding machines to complete straightening benches, 3D scanners and lifts. LAR said this will allow technicians the opportunity to obtain the latest OEM certifications required for collision repairs.

The Dealers’ Collision Technology Institute will also offer courses in body paint finishing. The paint finishing facility will feature a side-load downdraft paint booth, a preparation station and a paint mixing room. It will also offer OEM compliant courses in body repair, paint and aesthetic finishing.

Also included in the facility is a classroom, complete with enhanced technology, internet and power ports. It is designed to offer theoretical courses supporting OEM certifications. The courses are available for all levels of technical qualifications, from newly-graduated technicians to highly-seasoned professionals, said LAR.

Al MacPhee, Chairman of LAR, said: "The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay. This new dealer-owned state-of-the-art training facility ensures that our dealerships and our valued team members will remain at the forefront of OEM mandated collision repair protocols with leading edge technology and training.”

In 2016, Mercedes-Benz Canada announced that it had appointed LAR as their exclusive facilitator for the M-B Collision programme in Canada.

“[The] Technology Institute is an invaluable resource for the needs of our Approved Mercedes-Benz Collision Centres”, said Mr. Tony McQuillan, Manager of Accident Management at Mercedes-Benz.

Andrew Shepherd, Senior Director of Industry Programs at AIA Canada, added: “Our success tomorrow is inextricably tied to today’s education. The automotive industry is constantly evolving at a rapid pace and simply adapting is not an option. It is essential that we are in step with the latest technology being advanced by manufacturers and also ensuring that we are always safeguarding a green and sustainable environment. We are pleased to see the Dealers’ Collision Technology Institute launched to serve the growth and prosperity of our industry.”

More information about Leader Auto Resources larnet.com.


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