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Pfaff Open House

By Tom Davis

Vaughan, Ontario -- November 10, 2017 -- Pfaff Autoworks will be hosting its fourth annual Insurance Open House on November 15, with a special focus on technology and the future of the industry.

This year's event, which takes place at Pfaff Autowork's collision repair facility in Vaughan, Ontario, will bring together repairers, appraisers, brokers and all aspects of the industry in a bid to educate them on where the sector is heading and how it can work together moving forward.

There will be presentations from OEMs at the event, including Audi, BMW, Lexus, MINI, Porsche and Volkswagen, which will speak to visitors about how new technology is changing the way repairers operate their business.

Gary Lin, of BMW Canada, said: "At BMW Group Canada, we continue to make every effort to be transparent to the collision industry.  We plan to continue to make our repair procedures available to insurers and college instructors by inviting them to participate in our ongoing OE training program in Spartanburg South Carolina. 

He added: "This allows participants to have hands on experience on how our vehicles are repaired and returned to the safety specifications which BMW Group engineers had defined when the vehicles were originally built.   We are committed to keeping an open mind to those in the industry who wish to engage with us on how to properly repair vehicles while delivering outstanding customer experiences from difficult accident situations."

Scott Wideman, Collision Program Manager at Volkswagon Group Canada, confirmed he would have a Golf 7 BIW (body in white) on display at the event. The vehicle will provide a visual reference to the multi-phase steel construction design principles utilized by Volkswagen." Additionally, I will have a presentation on the evolution of Audi vehicle technology and the release of the first Level 3 autonomous vehicle, the Audi A8," he added.

Also at the event will be guest speaker Mike Anderson of Collision Advice. Anderson will provide an overview on some of the latest trends within the industry, with a particular focus on topics such as scanning, lane departure technology and new materials. Jeff Pabst, general manager at Pfaff Autoworks, said: “We will be covering a lot about the latest innovations in technology and the direction that the industry is heading in. This is the fourth year of the event, which was created to educate the insurance industry on how technology and the OEMs are changing.

“We want to help educate the insurance provider’s on how to stay at the forefront of the industry and to help them understand why and how technology and repair methods are changing. As well why this new direction is critical to customer retention and safety.”

Visit the Pfaff Autoworks website, pfaffautoworks.com, for more information about the company and its Open House.


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