House of Kolor milk truck

BY CRM Staff

Las Vegas, Nevada -- November 2, 2017 -- House of Kolor has unveiled what it calls a “flamboyant” custom milk truck at its booth during the SEMA Show, which it worked on in partnership with hot rod and chopper customization shop Count's Kustoms.

Ryan Evans, Lead Painter from Las Vegas-based Count’s Kustoms, led the customization job on a 954 DIVCO Model 13 truck. He received help from Lonny Speer, also with Count’s Kustoms garage, and House of Kolor’s Mike Taylor and Ron Fleenor.

The project saw the customization of a Detroit Vehicle Company (DIVCO) truck, which used to produce vehicles like the Model 13 for use as delivery trucks between 1926 and 1986. The customized truck was originally used by Edmonton's Palm Diaries for milk delivery before it became a service truck for an electrical company.

“We wanted to add something unexpected to our feature vehicle line-up this year at the show,” said Craig Robatzek, Business Director at House of Kolor. “The DIVCO is definitely interesting and we couldn’t be more proud to showcase it in our booth and the talent of our team and Count’s Kustoms.”

The DIVCO is finished exclusively with House of Kolor products including Limetime (S2-PBC38), Meteor Maroon (Kustom Mix S2-06), Planet Green (S2-09) and Kosamene Brass Pearl (S2-FX21), all from the Shimrin2 Basecoat System.

The DIVCO also features House of Kolor Shimrin2 striping enamels. KD3000 gray primer and UC21 Universal Acrylic Urethane Klear.

“Jon Kosmoski had a rendering from 1969 on a panel delivery truck,” commented Ryan Evans, Lead Painter at Count’s Kustoms. “It was a stunning design, lime green and root beer. I’m a 70s throwback, grew up in dragstrips, so the flamboyant paint design really spoke to me.”

He added: “For the DIVCO, I tried to imagine what Jon would have done if this were his work truck in the early 70s. We designed what I’d call a ‘rolling palette’ with pearl and striping colours on full display. The lime green looks great, and who doesn’t love a classic root beer?”

This is the DIVCO’s second appearance at SEMA, after it was previously shown in 2014 featuring a far different paint job.

“The vehicle has an interesting background,” said Robatzek. “Prior to SEMA a few years ago, the DIVCO was sitting in a scrapyard where it had been for probably 30 years before being rebuilt by a team of five organized by Jus Cuz Customs out of Edmonton, Alberta.”

Robatzek noted the DIVCO’s flat-head four-cylinder was replaced with an E-Rod 6.2 Liter LS Series GM crate motor and four-speed automatic transmission, requiring its restoration team to fabricate new engine mounts and weld in a heavy-duty suspension cross-member. The restoration build also included extensive metal work to repair rust and to accommodate new 22-inch rear rims.

The DIVCO joined a number of different vehicles on display at the House of Kolor booth, including a 1964 Impala Lowrider by Albert DeAlba Jr., Custom Toyota Tow Truck by Bobby Bruhn, Custom Bagger by Kelly Mack and a Custom Scarab Bike by Vince Gonzales.

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