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By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario -- October 23, 2017 -- An independent survey from the Independent Publishers of Ontario (IPAO) has confirmed Collision Repair magazine is the top publication in the Canadian collision repair industry.

The survey, delivered by email to over 5,800 key influencers and thought leaders in the sector, asked a series of questions comparing three magazines serving the collision repair industry in Canada, a marketing generating $4 billion annually. In each case, Collision Repair magazine was found to be the “overwhelming” leader.

“We are thrilled with the results,” said Darryl Simmons, Publisher of Collision Repair magazine. “Our mission is to deliver top quality content to our readers and our advertising partners. These results validate that we are delivering on our promise.”

Virtually all of the survey respondents (97 percent) say they receive Collision Repair magazine, and 79 percent of those surveyed indicated they read at least three out of the last four issues cover to cover. Neither of the competitive publications managed to score more than 10 percent on that question, the survey revealing they weren't even received by more than half of the sample.

An overwhelming majority (80 percent) of respondents said they prefer Collision Repair magazine over its competitors.

Meanwhile, one question asked in the survey asked readers to identify which magazine best represents their industry. At 74.48 percent Collision Repair magazine received the best score, with competing magazines scoring just 15.19 percent and 6.33 percent, respectively.

For the detailed survey results, please email Publisher Darryl Simmons at


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