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Tim Morgan, COO of Spanesi Americas, and Karl Kirschenman, the company's newly appointed Director of Communications and Technology.

Naperville, Illinois -- October 9, 2017 -- Spanesi Americas has announced that it is expanding its team again. Karl Kirschenman joins the Spanesi team as the new Director of Communications and Technology.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Tim Morgan, Tom McGee and the entire Spanesi Americas team, on special projects, over the past several years," said Kirschenman. "The products developed by the Spanesi family are second-to-none in terms of ingenuity, design and quality. It's been thrilling to watch Spanesi Americas grow over the past several years. With Spanesi's impressive organizational growth comes the opportunity to bring the complete Spanesi 360 Concept product offerings to even more facilities across Canada and the United States. I am excited about the opportunity to support such a wonderful organization."

A graduate of Northern Arizona University, Kirschenman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and brings over 20 years of collision industry knowledge to Spanesi Americas. Kirschenman has extensive experience within the collision repair industry, including positions as the President of K2 Consulting Group, Collision Program Manager at ALLDATA and the Director of Technology with I-CAR.

"With the addition of Karl to the team, we are filling a much-needed position within the organization," said Timothy Morgan, Chief Operating Officer of Spanesi Americas. "He brings an extensive amount of technology, marketing and leadership experience to the organization. With his experience, Spanesi Americas adds a new level of leadership to support our customers and distribution partners."

For more information, please visit spanesi-americas.com.


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