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The George family of Leamington Collision on the cover of the latest issue of Collision Repair magazine. You can check out the whole issue at the link below.

By CRM Staff

Peterborough, Ontario -- August 14, 2017 -- The latest issue of Collision Repair magazine is now available in digital release! This issue’s cover story looks at Leamington Collision in Canada’s scenic south. Learn how the founding family, the Georges, have built their business by serving both high-end and blue collar customers near Canada’s auto manufacturing centre in Windsor. Check it out, starting on page 19!

Executive Vision

Fix Auto has its roots in Canada, but the company went international with Fix Auto World, expanding into several untapped markets in the last year, including Australia and China. In this issue, Collision Repair magazine sits down with David Lingham, Head of Business for Fix Auto World, to discuss what he sees for the future of the industry. See his views on expansions, global trends and change on page 22.

Conferences Converge

NACE and Automechanika came together for the first time this year in Chicago. As the exclusive Canadian Media Partner of NACE Automechanika 2017, Collision Repair magazine was on the ground throughout the show. Read our exclusive coverage starting on page 36!

Global Viewpoint

The International Bodyshop Industry Symposium (IBIS) has concluded its annual gathering for 2017, drawing together top influencers and key thought leaders to shine a spotlight on social media, global politics and international consolidation. Check it out, starting on page 41!

The latest issue also has complete results from our latest reader surveys, updates on the big and small financial moves throughout the sector and news on the latest in training, new equipment and much, much more! You can check out the digital edition right now at this link!


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