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The UCC Mobile Estimate Service van carries a mini-estimating facility, and is stocked with a laptop with Bluetooth and wireless printer.
Regina, Saskatchewan -- July 26, 2017 --  Customers appreciate convenience - especially when it comes to collision repair. That’s why the response to Universal Collision Centre’s Mobile Estimate Service has been so enthusiastic. Universal Collision Centre has two locations in Regina, Saskatchewan. In a recent interview with Collision Repair magazine, General Manager P.J. Morris filled us in on how the idea came about. 

“I was at a performance group meeting, run by Bob Dubreil of AkzoNobel, and Joe Giocolo of Precision Autobody outlined the idea to me. It sounded like a great idea.”

The beauty is its simplicity. Universal’s mobile estimate van only contains a laptop, Bluetooth, and a printer. But meeting customers at their convenience can make the process significantly easier.

“It’s been a popular service,” says Morris. “In the first month, we did about $8,000. Now we’re at about $14,000 a month. We’ve had a 100 percent closing ratio on estimates done this way.”

According to Morris, customers love the convenience, but it’s also convenient for the shop. Instead of customers dropping by for estimates or asking for quotes over the phone the estimator goes to see them at a mutually agreed upon time. This means overall greater efficiency in the estimating process.

The Mobile Estimate Service supplements Universal Collision Centre’s two locations, one at Rochdale & Pasqua and the new 1st Avenue location.

For more information, please visit uccregina.com.


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