The Zamboni is hoisted into position. Lower Left: A close-up of the official Senators' Zamboni above CSN-Turpin-Capital Collision.

By Josh White

Ottawa, Ontario -- May 26, 2017 -- CSN-Turpin-Capital Collision in Ottawa doesn’t let anything get in the way of supporting the facility’s hometown team. When staff realized they had forgotten their team flags at home, the idea came up to use a real Senators’ Zamboni to show their support. Using a crane, co-owner Joe Frangione describes how the crew managed to get the “fanboni” hoisted above their building along Highway 417 in Ottawa.

While this stunt looks elaborate, Frangione says it was “up in 20 minutes,” with most of the work going towards getting it signed off by the Ottawa Senators. Once they got the go-ahead, they proceeded to call the crane company whom Frangione says “were ecstatic” about the plan. Soon after, the crane operator arrived and the Zamboni was lifted into the air.

The attention it attracted must have been the focus of many pictures that day. The interesting sight created a small traffic jam along the highway as passersby slowed down to look at the airborne Zamboni. Frangione said they received many comments and were even visited by a news team while it was still it the air.

That’s one way to show support for a team, and it’s one people will be sure to remember!


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