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Ryan Beattie.

Vancouver, British Columbia -- April 17, 2017 -- Caruk & Associates has announced the promotion of Ryan Beattie to the position of Sales Manager - Ontario and Maritimes.

Prior to his promotion, Beattie managed the Greater Toronto Area for Caruk & Associates and traveled extensively in Atlantic Canada, working with the company’s distributors and bodyshop customers.

"Ryan has a solid background, excellent leadership skills and tremendous dedication and commitment to our customers in these territories," says Brian Caruk, President of Caruk & Associates

Beattie has extensive experience working with collision repair facilities. Prior to joining Caruk & Associates, Beattie was employed with Saint-Gobain Abrasives, initially as a Territory Manager and later as National Accounts Manager.

Beattie can be reached at 416-937-8528 or via email to rbeattie@justreps.com. For more information, please visit justreps.com


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