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At the Discount Mississauga Industry Night. Check out the gallery below for more photos!

By Barett Poley

Mississauga, Ontario -- April 2, 2017 -- Discount Car and Truck Rentals brought together stakeholders from the collision and insurance industries as part of its Mississauga Industry Night, held at Jack Astor’s. The collision repair world is increasingly connected, and there are many people who communicate within it without actually meeting or seeing one-another face to face on a regular basis. The night was an opportunity for those who had worked together for some time over a distance to meet up, socialize and network

Adam Ceifets, Director of National Insurance Sales for Discount, says that the face-to-face meetings were more than welcome.
“Discount looks to bring together partners from the various segments of the replacement industry a couple of times a year in various regions across the country,” he says. “We just held another successful partner evening in Ottawa this past February. Certainly we host these events as a thank you to our partners, but really we see great value in putting names to faces for people that often deal with each other on a daily/weekly basis by phone, email and other software systems.”

Ceifets also says that while business was an important topic of the night, overall it was a great opportunity to relax and get together as a cohesive unit.

“It was a great night to reconnect with many in the industry and create new relationships as the crowd mingled and got the chance to be introduced to each other,” he says. “We find great value in connecting the links in the chain that often lead to a replacement rental for their clients.”

In addition to the mixing and mingling of Discount’s own employees, many partners of the company showed up. “Discount welcomed our Mississauga area business partners from the insurance, repair shop, brokers, dealerships, leasing and corporate segments.” says Ceifets. “Discount staff from our Mississauga locations, head office sales and operations also joined in for the evening, bringing the crowd to nearly 90 people.”

Studies have shown that workplaces and businesses which engage in team-building and social events together work better together, have an overall higher level of motivation, so your job doesn’t always have to be all-work and no play if you hope to have a happier and more successful collision repair business.

“It is great to see the pleasure as an adjuster finally meets a repair shops employee, broker, or Discount staff they have dealt with for years over the phone,” says Ceifets. “Though often just meeting for the first time at our event they have a relationship that may already date back a number of years.”

According to Ceifets, this is only one of many such initiatives being put on by Discount, stating “We would again like to thank all those who joined us, taking their personal time to network and gain new contacts in the industry. We are looking forward to the next Discount get together at the end of April as we kick of spring with our Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge-Guelph industry friends.”


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