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London, United Kingdom -- March 26, 2017 -- The latest IBIS Global Summit session has been announced for 2017. General Motors and OE Connection will discuss their program that’s changing the dynamics of OEM and industry relationships.

The IBIS 2017 Global Summit takes place June 12 to 14 in Madrid, Spain. Collision Repair magazine is the exclusive Canadian Media Partner for IBIS 2017.

In 2014, General Motors announced the bold decision to the US claims and collision repair market that they were no longer going to publish list price for collision repair parts. General Motors stated the objective as bringing to market a dynamic pricing mechanism that gave them a better opportunity to compete at the point an estimate was being written rather than trying to price match after the decision was already made. GM launched the new pricing mechanism in October 2015.  

Nearly two years on we will hear from the General Motors Director responsible for the program, Kris Mayer, and the General Manager for the IT company behind the technology, Bill Lopez, how the program, called MyPriceLink, is working and if it is achieving the objective.  

We will also hear from these two senior executives on how the market has responded to General Motors since the launch and how this one strategic move has changed the dynamics of their relationships with the claims and collision repair industry. Mayber and Lopez will share their experiences of how the program has provided GM with a seat at the decision-making table where they are engaged in very different conversations with insurers, repairers and the industry supply chain – one that works through relationship building and collaboration.

The theme for 2017’s Global Summit is “The Currency of Trust,” with sessions highlighting the importance of good collaboration and the benefits of cross-industry relationships. IBIS will also continue to focus on its core principles: improving safety, skills and standard across the world.

The event is only possible with the support of partners 3M, AkzoNobel, Audatex, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Fix Auto World. IBIS is proud to be aligned with such forward-thinking companies that strive for positive evolution throughout the collision repair industry.  
Delegate places are still available for IBIS 2017. For more information, please contact Nicola Keady at nicola@ibisworldwide.com.


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