Our most recent cover story highlights the accomplishments of CARSTAR's LC Group. You can read how they've grown through partnerships in our latest digital edition!

Peterborough, Ontario -- February 27, 2017 -- The latest issue of Collision Repair magazine is now available on digital release! This issue, the first of 2017, has all the great features and columnists you’ve come to expect from Collision Repair magazine.

The cover story for this issue focuses on CARSTAR’s LC Group and highlights how Peter Chavez and Ian Ladd have expanded their business significantly by bringing new partners to the business and focusing on customer satisfaction. Gain insight into how they've grown their business starting on page 29.

Scanning Still Hot

Scanning and calibration continue to be the hottest topics in the industry. The latest issue of Collision Repair magazine brings you comprehensive coverage of the scanning panel at CCIF Toronto and other highlights from the meeting. The panel consisted of numerous representatives of the OEMs, insurers, technology providers … and just one repairer. You can find out why on page 60 of the digital edition.

Executive Vision

Marvin Gillfillan is the Vice President, Automotive Refinish Solutions, North America for BASF. This issue features an interview with Gillfillan where he outlines his views on innovation in the coatings industry, shop longevity and the steps shops must take to help ensure a thriving and profitable future. You can check it out right now on page 32 of the digital edition.

New Materials

Carbon fibre isn’t exactly an automotive mainstay (yet) but technological advances are bringing the cost of manufacturing down and making it a more attractive option for automakers. We take a look at the coming world of carbon fibre repair, starting on page 57!

Emergency Repair

Speaking of rare repairs, Collision Repair magazine’s Barett Poley digs into the world of emergency vehicle repairs in our latest issue. While many police vehicles and ambulances can be repaired using standard techniques, fire engines are specialized vehicles that are in a league of their own. You can see what the repair process for these behemoths entails starting on page 54.

The latest issue also has complete results from our latest reader surveys, updates on the big and small financial moves throughout the sector and news on the latest in training, new equipment and much, much more! You can check out the digital edition right now at this link!


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