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 A rendering of the proposed layout for CSN-Blue Mountain Collision's new shop, set to open in April 2017.

Collingwood, Ontario -- January 11, 2017 -- When CSN-Blue Mountain Collision opens its new 10,700 sq. ft. shop this spring in Collingwood, Ontario, it will utilize Symach’s unique FixLine system. This includes a layout and repair process that combines the company’s patented Drytronic technology, specialized drying robots and the Symach Paint Application Process.

“With the new Symach system incorporated into our business, we will be able to offer better quality repairs and reduce cycle times as well as have a clean, healthy, modern workspace for our employees,” says Albert Hutten, owner of CSN-Blue Mountain Collision. “It is important to offer the best there is to our external and internal customers and with the Symach system, we will bring our business to the next level.”

Established in 1977, the family-owned and operated company serves the Blue Mountain and Collingwood area. The new collision centre is scheduled to open in April 2017. It will replace the existing 5,200 sq. ft. location.

Symach will provide all of the equipment, including a SprayTron spray booth, two robots for drying paint, a new paint mixing room, a professional vacuum sanding system, a CarMover and lighting.

“We are very happy to support Albert and Blue Mountain Collision in this new challenge and help design and automate the new shop,” says Osvaldo Bergaglio, CEO of Symach. “We have studied the shop’s layout and business plan to optimize production and efficiency.”
Bergaglio says that within the first month of operation the shop will benefit from utilizing the Symach System. The cost of repairs are estimated to be reduced more than 40 percent and have an average touch time of 1.5 days.

While attending the NACE Expo in Detroit, Michigan in July 2015, Hutten learned about Symach and what the system and process could do for the collision centre. “I was intrigued by what I saw and after discussing the system with Osvaldo, I became more and more interested,” he says.

Hutten traveled to Italy to visit the Symach plant and training centre, as well as several shops that were using the Symach process. “After seeing firsthand what this system was capable of, I made the decision that this was the system that I wanted to use in our new shop,” he says.

Hutten says Symach was instrumental in helping to design the new shop to work efficiently with the new system. “Osvaldo took the time to really understand our business first, and with that understanding developed his proposal to help us,” says Hutten.  After implementing Symach’s FixLine system, he estimates that the shop will be able to do about 30 to 40 repairs each week.

“The advantage we see using Symach is that we will have the assurance that the repairs are all 100 percent cured,” says Hutten. Using Symach’s technology, the body filler, primer, basecoat and clear coat are all baked with the Drytronic robotic drying system. “Combined with the Symach Paint Application Process and the FixLine process, where cars are on rails as they go from the filler state through to paint, it will result in labour savings on every vehicle that goes through the booth,” says Hutten.

Symach will spend three weeks training CSN-Blue Mountain’s staff of 10 employees on how to use the system to its full potential.


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