A scene from the recent Holiday party at Performance Honda. Check out the gallery below for more photos!

By Barett Poley

Scarborough, Ontario -- December 14, 2016 -- It’s a time of year that just naturally brings people together. Formula Honda held its Holiday party recently to celebrate the season and build the feeling of family within its operation and between other dealerships. The party played host to many of the staff from local and southern Ontario Honda dealerships, alongside all of the members of the Formula Honda team.

Cuong Phung is the General Parts Manager for Formula Honda. He says the most import part of the evening was building their community. “Everybody was there. Everyone from my dealership, a lot of people from Honda Canada, and all the GMs from the dealerships that we own showed up,” says Phung.

In addition to the general merriment, the dealership partook in the annual tradition of gift giving. “We did our annual draw as well. Our GM puts it all together. He gets us lots of gifts; televisions, tablets, game consoles, gift cards. He puts in all of the names of all the staff in the dealership and then each person who’s called goes up and pulls out the next name. Everybody in the dealership gets a gift, it’s fantastic,” says Phung.

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