Information drives decision making. Fill out our weekly survey and help us provide you with the most up-to-date information on the collision repair industry.

Peterborough, Ontario -- November 29, 2016 -- The best decisions are made with the most complete information. Collision Repair magazine is introducing a weekly survey to help provide you with a snapshot of various aspects of the autobody business and the larger automotive claims economy. We will bring you a new survey every Wednesday. Starting next week, we will post the results and analysis from the previous week's survey, along with a fresh set of survey questions.

Filling out these surveys every week should only take a few minutes at most. The first survey, which you can find below, only has two multiple choice questions. We'll tally up the results and bring you the final numbers next week.

This week's survey seeks to establish in what sector of the auto claims economy people are employed. For repairers, it will also help to determine the shop landscape. Is your shop part of a dealership? A stand-alone independent? Part of a larger chain? Fill out the survey and let us know!

We will only present the data after aggregation and analysis. The raw data will not be shared and your privacy is assured.

Over time, these surveys will help us build a more complete picture of the Canadian collision repair industry and the auto claims economy. We'll share the results with you every week through our website and daily ezine.

Please click here to start the survey. We must request that you only fill out the survey once.

Got an idea for a survey you'd like to see? Please contact Collision Repair magazine's editor, Mike Davey, at with the subject line "Survey."


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