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Hamilton, Ontario -- November 28, 2016 -- Certified Collision Care has launched its 5-Star Business Performance Program to the collision repair industry. A statement from Certified Collision Care says the new program is a bridge to OEM certification.

Leanne Jefferies is the VP of Canadian Operations for Certified Collision Care. Jefferies says Certified Collision Care created the online service to assist shops that want to develop and chart an improvement plan to achieve the requirements for OEM certification in a timely manner.

“The 5-Star Business Performance Program allows shops to see exactly how they stack up against the listing of OEM certification requirements, and how they compare with a proprietary list of industry best practices in the areas of finance, sales and marketing, production management and customer satisfaction,” she says.

According to a statement from Certified Collision Care, the evaluation and planning tool provides collision repairers with a self-administered online program to perform a confidential, in-depth evaluation of their business, and create a Business Improvement Plan that identifies deficiencies, and provides action item to-do lists, budgets and timelines.

“The 5-Star Business Performance Program has been developed based upon the top performance and business models of thousands of collision repair businesses,” says Jefferies. “Using this tool allows a shop to identify their competitive strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Upon completion of the assessment, shops will have a strategic plan that focuses on the most important needs of the business.”  

According to the release, the program can be used by repair businesses prior to enrolling in the Certified Collision Care process. All Certified Collision Care Providers will have access to the resource.


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