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A view of the interactive module from Constellium, showing crash management systems. Each tab can be clicked for more information and a deeper view of the system in question.

Amsterdam, Netherlands -- October 6, 2016 -- We’re likely to see more aluminum in the automotive field in the future, especially considering the ongoing push towards lightweighting. A new interactive produced by Constellium highlights the various ways the metal can be used throughout a vehicle’s structure.

The interactive shows a sedan that can be rotated in three dimensions, and allows users to examine the vehicle piece-by-piece. The intent is to showcase the various ways Constellium’s aluminum offerings can be used: car body closures, body-in-white, crash management systems, chassis and mechanical parts, decorative parts and equipment and heat exchangers.

“This unique 3D module could not have been created without the contribution of Constellium’s marketing and engineering teams,” said Peter Basten, Constellium Executive Vice-President Strategy, Business Development, Research & Technology. “The 3D experience will allow market experts to explore various aspects of a car and discover our vast product offerings for the automotive industry, including innovations and solutions.”

Repairers familiar with aluminum will not be surprised to see some of the applications presented in the interactive, such as hoods and doors, but some of the aluminum applications may come as a surprise, including supports, engine cradles and door beams.

Producing the interactive graphic at this particular time might not be a coincidence. Earlier in September, Constellium officially opened a 225,000 sq. ft. aluminum plant in Kentucky, specifically for automotive sheet. Kentucky is something of a hub for US-based vehicle production, with OEMs such as Ford, Toyota and GM operating in the state, along with a number of Tier 1 suppliers.

The interactive module is currently available at automotive.products.constellium.com as well as on the Apple store and on Google Play under the name “Constellium automotive products.”


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