CarrXpert will be using the ProgiSync Feedback program to encourage customers to share their experiences in dealing with the company moving forward.

Trois-Riviéres, Quebec -- September 29, 2016 -- Quebec-based collision repair network CarrXpert recently revealed it has invested in some new, cutting-edge software in an attempt to make it easier for customers to provide feedback on their experiences dealing with the company.

Doing away with the old paper survey system that was previously used at all CarrXpert locations, the organization reached an agreement with IT specialists Progi to use its new ProgiSync Feedback program. The system will allow CarrXpert to distribute digital satisfaction surveys to their clients via email or text message.

The investment follows quickly on from a successful pilot program the company carried out earlier in the year in which it had ten locations test the new software. CarrXpert CEO Jean-François Gargya said he was pleased with the results of the tests, describing ProgiSync Feedback as a user-friendly, quick and efficient mode of gathering customer opinions.

“Before, only five percent of our clients filled the paper surveys. During the ProgiSync Feedback trial, this figure climbed to 50 percent,” Gargya said. “This program will help us interact directly with the client, obtain their opinion on our services, immediately tackle problems and, finally, offer the best client experience possible.”

He added, “Client satisfaction is paramount to CarrXpert and ProgiSync Feedback is in line with this philosophy. This is why CarrXpert will cover all costs generated by the software implementation for all their members.”

Diane Chaîné, president at Progi, was also very pleased with the results of the pilot program, stating she was looking forward to what she hopes will be a long and successful partnership with CarrXpert.

“Here at Progi, we know the potential of ProgiSync Feedback. It is always nice to see a collision shop network acquire our software, run a successful implementation and obtain almost immediate benefits,” Chaîné said.


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