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A full-motion race car simulator helped draw the 800-plus crowd for CSN-Hutten Collision's fundraising Open House

By Mike Davey

Fergus, Ontario -- September 22, 2016 -- When you've got a new facility, it's only natural that you want to show it off. CSN-Hutten Collision Centre held an open house recently to give the public a first-hand opportunity to see a modern collision repair centre.

CSN-Hutten Collision Centre is located in Fergus, Ont., and also used the open house as an opportunity to hold a charity barbecue to raise funds for a good cause. Groves Memorial Community Hospital currently has a campaign to raise funds for a new facility.

"Hutten sees the need to support a good cause like this as Groves Hospital has a very vital place within our community," says John Hutten, owner of CSN-Hutten Collision Centre.

In addition to the barbecue, crowds were drawn by face painting, a clown making balloon animals for the kids, a "Monster Truck" bouncy castle and race car rides using a full-motion simulator.

In total, the event raised $2,500 for Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

The event was also a great success in terms of attendance. Approximately 800 members of the community came through CSN-Hutten Collision Centre during the event.

Members of industry got a chance to see the new facility at a separate event. For more on this, please see "CSN-Hutten Collision's new facility hosts Grand Opening event."

For more information on CSN-Hutten Collision Centre, please visit huttenauto.com.


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