The first meeting of the BASF Advanced Process Solutions performance group.

Mississauga, Ontario -- August 23, 2016 -- Performance groups can be a vital resource for shop owners looking to share best practices and network with like-minded colleagues. BASF currently runs a number of different performance groups in North America, each with a different area of interest. The latest is a group focusing on the company’s Advanced Process Solutions (APS), which BASF says is designed to teach a business how to drive cultural change using the fundamentals of lean manufacturing, with support from BASF in the form of coaching.

BASF held the first meeting of its newest performance group recently, bringing together shop owners and managers from across North America. As mentioned previously, the focus was on APS and how to use it to improve processes. The new performance group is known as “Group VIII,” as it the eighth performance group put together by BASF.

Group VIII members are all APS-certified and are invited to this group to help each other grow and take full advantage of BASF’s APS program. The goal is for participants to learn and share best practices from other shops focused on implementing the APS processes.

“This group is unique because all of these shops have already been through (BASF’s) APS program. One of the added benefits of going through the APS certification is being eligible for this performance group, which allows us to dive right into the financial details of the business to find opportunities for growth more quickly,” said BASF’s VisionPLUS Program Manager, Craig Seelinger.

Other BASF performance groups are based on the type of shop such as MSO, dealership or an independent. All groups meet three times per year and are comprised of between 14 and 20 non-competing shops that share the desire to improve and grow their business.

“To stay committed to new processes, we all need coaches, motivators and experiences to develop new ideas,” said Tom Hoerner, BASF Business Solutions Leader. “That’s what the APS performance group provides. Each meeting provides a platform to accelerate shop performance even further. The APS group is built for success.”

All members of BASF performance groups gather at a large conference every three years. The next BASF VisionPLUS Performance Group Business Conference is in May 2017.

You can check out BASF's APS program in the video below. 




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