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Anaheim, California -- August 2, 2016 -- Counterfeit parts present challenges for every person involved in the repair process. They can present a liability to repairers, and can present a real danger to motorists. According to a statement from NACE, law enforcement has identified a trend of counterfeited automotive parts growing at an alarming rate.

A counterfeit automotive part is one that bears the trademark of a legitimate and trusted brand but was produced by another party and is usually not made to the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. These counterfeits are produced illegally and sold at a profit, sometimes to support other criminal activities.

At best, these parts will not perform as well as authentic parts; at worst, they can fail catastrophically with potentially fatal consequences. Some of the most dangerous counterfeits involve explosive elements of air bags, which can explode in the victim's face during an accident.

The Automobile Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (A2C2) will host a panel discussion titled Put the Brakes on Fakes at NACE 2016. The panel will discuss how the automotive industry is working to protect the safety and welfare of consumers and repair businesses.

The panel discussion will take place Friday, August 12, 11:00 a.m. at the Central Stage on the Expo Floor. Panelists include:
• Andy Forsythe, President, Automotive Anti-Counterfeiting Council
• Bruce Foucart, Director, Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center - Homeland Security Investigations
• Jon Ruttencutter, U.S. Homeland Security Special Agent
• Jason Kosofsky, Ford Motor Company
• Joe Cammiso, Toyota Motor Sales
This program is offered at no extra cost. Anyone who is registered for an expo pass is welcome to attend. According to a statement from NACE, this is an issue that is already impacting many shops.

Some of the counterfeit parts seized by law enforcement include: seat belts, oil and air filters, brake pads, brake rotors, control arms, windshields, bearings, steering linkages, ignition coils, microchips, spark plugs, wheels, solenoids, clutch housing, crankshafts, diagnostic equipment, suspension parts, and oil pumps.

Registration for NACE is open at naceexpo.com.


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