The new owners of CARSTAR Newmarket, Adrian Vagnaduzzo and Bisram Deokinandan.

Hamilton, Ontario -- July 19, 2016 -- CARSTAR Canada has announced that CARSTAR Newmarket is now under new ownership. The collision centre has recently been passed on from multi-CARSTAR franchise partners, the LC Group, to longtime store managers Adrian Vagnaduzzo and Bisram Deokinandan.

The facility is located at 180 Deerfield Rd. in Newmarket, Ontario.

According to a statement from CARSTAR, both Vagnaduzzo and Deokinandan have been working at CARSTAR Newmarket for a number of years and are both experts in the collision repair industry, as well as knowledgeable regarding the local market.

“Bisram and I have worked as a team for many years supporting and guiding the success of CARSTAR Newmarket. We are excited and eager to undertake this opportunity and are confident in our abilities to grow CARSTAR Newmarket and become a leader in customer experience throughout the city,” says Vagnaduzzo.

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