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A few photos from the launch party at CSN-CARS Collision. See the gallery below for more!

By Mike Davey

Burlington, Ontario -- June 9, 2016 -- CSN-CARS Collision in Burlington, Ontario officially unveiled its Fixline system from Symach at a launch part held in the facility's production area. Stakeholders attending the event included local repairers, CSN executives and franchisees, insurers, vendors, suppliers and members of the local business community.

Fixline isn't a product, but a process, one that revamps collision repair from start to finish. The system is in use in facilities around the world, the CSN-CARS Collision is the first in Canada. Nick DiLuca, owner of CSN-CARS Collision took Collision Repair magazine on a tour of the system earlier this year when the installation was completed. For more on this, please see "CSN-CARS Collision boosts productivity with Fixline from Symach."

The launch party actually offered attendees a chance to see the system in action. DiLuca gave a short presentation on the benefits of the Fixline system and introduced a practical demonstration of the system's speed. A vehicle was rolled into the booth and then basecoated and clearcoated. Before the launch party was over, the vehicle had finished curing.

For more information on CSN-CARS Collision, please visit carsautocollision.ca.


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