One of the sessions from the 2015 event in Deaborn. The IABC draws together engineers, researchers and executives to examine the latest advances in automotive body design.

By Mike Davey

Frankfurt, Germany -- May 30, 2016 -- Staying ahead of the curve means being able to predict what's around the next bend in the road. The International Automotive Body Congress (IABC) takes place June 7 and 8 in Frankfurt, Germany, and it promises to present cutting edge information on the latest advances on automotive body technology.

The purposes of the IABC is to provide a forum for engineers, managers, academic researchers and industry executives to discuss current and future advances in automotive body technology and management systems. This forum promises to address key topics related to OEMs, exterior/interior component manufacturers, stamping manufacturers, sheet metal assemblers and tool and die manufacturers. It also will provide a network to support educational research and publish technical findings in conference proceedings and technical magazines. This new forum will provide a conference, exposition and publication dedicated to the research integration of new body technologies.

A brief overview of the slated sessions should be enough to pique the interest of any professional repairer. Among others, the topics include OEM case studies on new body structures, including materials and manufacturing strategies; future body concepts; smart materials and autonomous driving; lightweight multi-materials applications; body sub-systems; polymer solutions and surface structure.

Watch for updates on the IABC as they become available. Another, similar event, will take place closer to home in September. IABC 2016 Dearborn will be held at the Ford Motor Company Conference and Event Center in Dearborn, Michigan, on September 28 and 29, 2016.


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