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Shellie Andrews (left) and Katie Henwood (right) accepting the WIN Cornerstone Award from Denise Caspersen (centre).

By Mike Davey

Leesburg, Virginia -- May 19, 2016 -- Shellie Andrews of CSN-Dana’s Collision Center has been named as one of the winners of this year’s WIN Cornerstone Award. According to a statement from the Women’s Industry Network (WIN), the award recognizes the efforts of a board member whose actions and unique contributions demonstrate their commitment to the WIN mission and vision, and sets an example for others to follow. Andrews is currently the only Canadian serving on the WIN board. 

Andrews has been a part of WIN since its formation. She has been on the board since 2011 and served as treasurer for two terms. She has also served on just about every committee.

“I’m extremely honoured and humbled. I never expected it” she said in an interview with Collision Repair magazine. During the interview, Andrews confirmed that she believes very strongly in WIN’s mission. “I really do believe in the work WIN does, especially from the technician perspective. We always hear that there’s a technician shortage, but there’s this huge untapped resource. It’s also a definite benefit for women who are already in the industry, knowing that’s there an organization to help and mentor them. I think it helps them not to feel so alone.”

Two board members received the award this year. In addition to Andrews, Katie Henwood was also honoured during the 10th Annual WIN Educational Conference held in Tampa, Florida. The award was presented by Denise Caspersen of National Autobody Parts Warehouse and WIN’s Immediate Past Chair.

“WIN is fortunate to have many diverse talents contributing to the success of this all-volunteer organization. This year's WIN Cornerstone's represent a longevity of altruism that reaches beyond just one task or one moment, but many that impact WIN's future, ” says Caspersen. “Over the past six years Katie Henwood has been instrumental in the formulation, execution and success of WIN's main event - the WIN Education Conference. For the many that know Katie, it's her quiet, steady approach that brings strength and calm to WIN. Shellie Andrews, who began her service filling an open seat, serves without hesitation on nearly every WIN committee. Shellie takes on tasks that both fit her skill set and stretch her personal strength. WIN is built by many hands making light work and as WIN continues its growth and engagement, it's the volunteers’ willingness to lend their time and talent that is the force of WIN's future.”

For more information, please visit womensindustrynetwork.com.


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