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Laval, Quebec -- May 6, 2016 -- The Carrossier ProColor network has announced it will donate $ 10,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to help citizens affected by the forest fire that ravaged the city of Fort McMurray in Alberta. 
For some, the violent forest fire in Fort McMurray evokes not so distant memories of the 2013 events in Lac Mégantic. The pain, anguish and uncertainty of those affected by such tragedy are immeasurable, but the same is also true for the spirit of cooperation and compassion demonstrated by the people of Canada in times like these. 
“When Quebec experienced its own disasters, including the fire in Lac Mégantic and the ice storm, the entire country rallied to help the Quebec population. Now it is our turn to do our duty as a Canadian corporate citizen by providing our support to Albertans to help them through these difficult times,” said Michel Charbonneau, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, PBE division at Uni-Select and responsible for the Carrossier ProColor business unit. 
Carrossier ProColor invites the collision repair industry to rally and pay it forward by making a donation to the Canadian Red Cross who will provide the necessary support to the citizens of Fort McMurray. 
For more information, please visit carrossierprocolor.com


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