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Collision 360 has signed a distribution deal with Spanesi Americas.

By Dylan O'Hagan

Toronto, Ontario -- April 12, 2016 -- Collision 360 has recently signed a distribution deal with Spanesi Americas, making them the exclusive distributor for the Greater Toronto Area. Owner Anthony Iaboni says it was a natural fit for his company.

Spanesi Americas carries a range of body shop equipment including frame equipment, measurement systems, and welders.

With the addition of Spanesi equipment, Iaboni says Collision 360 is closer to being a complete solution for the collision repair industry.

“Spanesi makes a great product and our reputation is based on the products we sell in a lot of cases. Instead of going for something cheaper, we're focusing on quality over price,” he says.

Iaboni added he was already recommending Spanesi products to collision repair facilities. Having the proper capabilities or the size of the product are some variables that can influence their decision, he says.

"I get asked all the time when they buy equipment what I would recommend just because I do my research. It doesn't matter whether or not I sell something, I like to know what my clients are going through and stay up to date with as much as I can,” he says. “I've always recommended they go the Spanesi route because I’ve always liked that brand."

What’s next for Iaboni and Collision 360? Distributing Spanesi products across all of Ontario could happen in the future, he said. It’s a goal but one that he isn’t too focused on for now. Quality customer service, expert knowledge and serving his current customers well is the task at hand, he says.

“We are beginning with a focus on the Greater Toronto Area, but over the last few weeks it seems to be expanding to throughout Ontario,” he said. "I would like to service all of Ontario but my focus is on good service rather than volume and coverage area. I would rather have a pocket of customers I take care of well.”

For more information, please visit collision360.ca.


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