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Trista Anger-Miklusek.

Toronto, Ontario -- April 7, 2016 -- Trista Anger-Miklusek has been named as National Insurance Director for CSN Collision Centres. Previously, she filled the role of Regional Manager - Western Canada for CSN Collision Centres.

In her new role, Anger-Miklusek will be responsible for the management and growth of CSN’s insurance partnerships. Working closely with CSN’s operations and marketing teams, she will report to CSN’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Larry French.

“Trista will be a tremendous asset for CSN Collision Centres across Canada as she further develops and expands upon her existing Insurance relationships. With over a decade of experience in the collision repair industry, including the past four years as CSN’s Western Regional Manager, Trista brings a level of passion and commitment that is matched by her ability to execute in all aspects of her new role with CSN,” says French.

Recently selected as a member of the CCIF Steering Committee, a statement from CSN Collision Centres says Anger-Miklusek will bring a fresh and national perspective on industry trends and developments in the collision repair industry.

“I am extremely excited about the opportunity to represent CSN Collision Centres on a national basis,” she says. “Having the opportunity to work within CSN and with our CSN Collision Centres, I have first-hand knowledge of how best to integrate collision repairer and insurer perspectives and look forward to the future with much optimism.”

For more information, please visit csninc.ca.


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