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Dominion Sure Seal has brought the JTAPE line to Canada.

Mississauga, Ontario -- March 16, 2016 -- Dominion Sure Seal is now the exclusive Canadian distributor of UK based JTAPE automotive aftermarket products. Dominion Sure Seal manufactures automotive sealants, adhesives and coatings.

A statement from the company says that JTAPE’s masking solutions are "a perfect complement to Dominion Sure Seal’s existing range of collision repair products and that with their unique time saving characteristics, JTAPE will find high demand in Canada."

“Our extensive Canadian distribution, dealer and jobber network in Canada puts us in a great position to provide the necessary sales and service to ensure the success of JTAPE products in Canada,” says Larry Cook, Vice President of Sales at Dominion Sure Seal. “We are excited to bring these highly unique, time-saving masking solutions to the Canadian market place and to follow up on JTAPE’s success at SEMA 2015.”

In addition to automotive applications, JTAPE also manufacturers tape for the aerospace and marine industries.

“Having already launched products into the US market, we realized that we needed the right partner to be successful in Canada due to the size and nature of the market,” says JTAPE’s Business Development Manager, Michael Toal. “Dominion Sure Seal have experienced and knowledgeable representation in place across the country and their dealer network is second to none. Adding the JTAPE products to an already successful line of aftermarket products is the best solution to making JTAPE available to all.”

JTAPE products are available immediately. For more information, please visit dominionsureseal.com.


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