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Diagram from Honda Canada showing various grades of high-strength steels used in the 2016 HR-V.

Toronto, Ontario -- February 17, 2016 -- Honda Canada has released new body repair information for its 2016 HR-V crossover.

The new 2016 HR-V makes extensive use of high and ultra-high-strength steel, including 27 percent in grades 780, 980, and 1,500 MPa. In addition, the vehicle uses 4-plate spot welding (13 per side) in the roof panel attachment area. A document released by Honda Canada includes diagrams showing where the various grades of material are located. However, repairers are cautioned that the illustrations are for reference only, as some parts are constructed of multiple layers of different grades. Honda Canada cautions repairers to always refer to the body repair manual for specific steel information.

Honda Canada also cautions repairers not to apply heat to any body during straightening as this may compromise the high-strength steel. If heat is applied during straightening, it is essential that the part be replaced.

Sectioning should generally be avoided, but the technical bulletin provides details of cases where it may be used. The technical bulletin also includes critical information on welding and airbag replacement.

For more information, please see “2016 HR-V: New Model Body Repair Information” at techinfo.honda.com.


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