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FIMER's manufacturing plant in Italy. The 360,000 sq. ft operation runs on solar and geothermal power, making it carbon neutral.

Pointe Clare, Quebec -- February 16, 2016 -- Arslan Automotive Canada has announced that it is now the sole North American distributor for FIMER. FIMER, headquartered in Italy, manufactures welders for a variety of different applications.

Under the recently signed agreement, Arslan Automotive will be responsible for the North American sales and service for all FIMER manufactured welders.

“With this new agreement, Arslan will bring some of the best welders available globally to North America,” says Arman Gurarslan, President of Arslan Automotive. “FIMER’s welders are top of the line in terms of features, quality and performance. This is crucial in today’s fast-changing collision repair industry.”

As a company, FIMER has over 65 years of experience in the welding field, with a particular focus on inverters. The company’s manufacturing plant is ISO certified and is 360,000 sq. ft. in size. The entire building is energy self-sufficient, operating off of solar and geothermal power.

Arslan Automotive is headquartered in Pointe Clare, Quebec. The company has also announced it will soon open a warehouse location near Atlanta, Georgia, to spearhead distribution throughout the US.

For more information, please visit arslanauto.com.


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