Some of the team from CSN-Morinville Auto Body.

By Mike Davey

Morinville, Alberta -- February 3, 2016 -- CSN-Morinville Auto Body has announced that it has received Honda ProFirst Certification. The facility is located in Morinville, Alberta, and is owned by Steve Hammond.

In an interview with Collision Repair magazine, Hammond noted that he had been interested in the program for several years before it came to Canada.

“We’ve done a lot of work with our local Honda dealership over the years and we’ve got a really strong relationship with them,” says Hammond. “I had approached Honda at SEMA about five or six years ago, when the ProFirst program was being promoted in the US, but at the time they weren’t running anything in Canada.”

Hammond says that pursuing the certification was something of a natural fit for CSN-Morinville Auto Body.

“Almost a quarter of the vehicles we do repairs on here are Honda or Acura, so we have a lot of experience and know those vehicles almost intimately,” says Hammond. “Having the certification going forward helps provide the dealership and the motorists who bring the cars in a little extra piece of mind.”

There are at least two pieces that every OEM certification includes: equipment and training.

“We had to purchase some specific welding wire for the new high-strength steels in the Hondas, and we had just purchased a pulse welder that can allow us to pursue a number of different certifications.”

Hammond, the facility’s General Manager and all of the technicians also attended Honda-specific courses through I-CAR in preparation for the certification process.

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