Errol Cowan of Titanium Tools & Equipment (centre) demos the Miracle System for some of the staff at CSN-Carlaw Collision.

By Rick Walsh

Peterborough, Ontario -- January 12, 2016 -- CSN-Carlaw Collision in Peterborough, Ontario, recently hosted a demo of the Miracle System, manufactured by Star-co in Japan and available in Canada through Titanium Tools & Equipment.

Kevin Carlaw is the owner of CSN-Carlaw Collision. He says they see aluminum on a fairly frequent basis, so the equipment needed to repair it is a necessity.

“We have Mercedes vehicles coming in to us with aluminum doors, hoods and trunks,” he said. “Even the Dodge Avenger has an aluminum hood.”

The demo of the Miracle System was conducted by Errol Cowan of Titanium Tools & Equipment. He will also train the staff at CSN-Carlaw Collision in its use. The training is a vital piece of the process. The equipment, while necessary, isn’t enough.

“There will be more time required and a higher skill level needed for aluminum repair,” says Carlaw. “I’ve seen the Miracle System in use at another shop, so I knew it worked well.”

Titanium Tools & Equipment also carries Pro Spot’s full line of spot welders, pulse MIG's and steel and aluminum dent pullers, as well as Celette frame equipment and Wielander Schill special tools like Xpress 800. According to the company's President, Matthew Bannister, their speciality is equipment for OEM certification.

“We’ve got a complete package that we can provide to shops that want to make sure they’re ready for the future,” says Errol Cowan. “Repairing aluminum isn’t necessarily more difficult than repairing steel when you have the right tools, but it is different. That’s part of the reason we offer training as well.”

Cowan has done a lot of these demos over the last year or so, and he’s noticed that they tend to attract attention.

“They’ll generally have a few guys who are getting trained on it, but the demo draws a lot of other staff,” he says. “Very often I’ll see some of the younger people, who are working the wash bay or detailing, take a strong interest. They’re obviously interested in building up their skills, and they know that this is something they’re going to have to deal with as working technicians.”

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