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3M has announced it is suing XPEL Technologies for patent infringement, specifically US Patent No. 8,765,263 (Multilayer Polyurethane Protective Films).

St. Paul, Minnesota -- January 4, 2016 -- 3M has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in US federal district court in Minnesota against XPEL Technologies Corporation. The suit alleges that XPEL Technologies Corporation's XPF paint protection film product infringes 3M’s US Patent No. 8,765,263, entitled Multilayer Polyurethane Protective Films.

XPEL Technologies responded with a press release noting that it had become aware of the suit, and that the company was currently evaluating the merit, if any, of the complaint. The press release also stated that XPEL Technologies intends to vigorously defend itself against such patent infringement claims.

Court records show that 3M has asked for a court order barring XPEL Technologies from infringing on the patent, and awarding 3M unspecified damages.


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