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Trois-Rivières, Quebec -- December 8, 2015 -- Carrossier ProColor has announced that three of the network’s facilities have earned the Gold certification from the Clé Verte program. The three facilities, Carrossier ProColor Trois-Rivières, Carrossier ProColor TroisRivières Ouest and Carrossier ProColor Cap de la Madeleine, are all owned by Marc Pilon, forming Carrosseries Marc Pilon.

The Clé Verte program is an environmental certification awarded to automotive service centres in Quebec who have developed procedures and exemplary standards for recovery, recycling and remediation of residual and hazardous materials. The Gold level is the highest level that can be achieved.

Protecting the environment is not a new concern for the members of the Pilon family. Indeed, the three collision facilities had already earned the Silver level of the Clé Verte program. To achieve Gold level, the business to invest in a number of areas, and employees had to be made aware of the impact they could have on the environment. Each of the facilities has a section that is strictly reserved for the Clé Verte program.

"This allows us to ensure and maintain a close monitoring of our environmental interventions" says Emy Pilon of Carrosseries Marc Pilon. 

Furthermore, the newest branch, located on Charbonneau Street, as well as the one located on Des Érables Street, have an important asset which is directly linked to the environment. Both of their machine rooms have been specially designed so that the heat produced by the machinery is recovered and redirected to the production hall. This can save significant amounts of energy that would otherwise go to heating. All three of the facilities in Carrosseries Marc Pilon are located in Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

For more information, please visit carrossierprocolor.com.


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