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CSN-The Coachworks in Halifax. The facility will be purchased by CSN-Keizer's.

By Mike Davey

Halifax, Nova Scotia -- December 7, 2015 -- CSN-Keizer's Collision and Automotive Center has announced it will purchase CSN-The Coachworks. Both facilities are located in the Greater Halifax Area.

"We're looking for more territory," says Dale Keizer, owner of CSN-Keizer's Collision. "We're looking to grow, and purchasing CSN-The Coachworks was a great opportunity. The owner, Terry Hill, has a great brand and a really great model that fits ours 100 percent."

CSN-The Coachworks was incorporated in 1982. The facility moved to a brand new building about three years ago. The collision centre is 10,000 sq. ft. and employs a staff of 15.

"I'm very appreciative of the staff I've had over the years," says Hill. "I couldn't have done it on my own, but I've had great people working with me."

Hill says he's had offers for his facility before, but this is the one he's most comfortable with.

"I'm very proud with the brand we've built, and I have the utmost respect for what Dale and his team are doing," says Hill. "They've embraced the new technologies and they're ready for the future."

CSN-The Coachworks will retain its branding under the new ownership.

"We're leaving the brand the same. It's been a go-to name for a lot of years," says Keizer. "It's sad to see Terry retire, as he's been a pillar of the industry for so many years, but we're excited about the opportunities this acquisition brings."

For more information, please visit keizers.ca. For more information on CSN Collision Centres, please visit csninc.ca.


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