Richmond Continental Auto was the scene of a fire recently, with one eyewitness saying flames had come from the back of the facility.

Richmond, British Columbia -- November 24, 2015 -- The cause of the blaze that engulfed a collision repair facility in flames recently has yet to be determined. Richmond Fire-Rescue responded to the fire that took place at Richmond Continental Auto on Vanguard Rd. in Richmond, British Columbia, with several trucks,  including one vehicle with extensions that allowed firefighters to douse the flames from above.

The fire sent large plumes of smoke into the sky, but no injuries have been reported. Reports indicate that all of the staff was able to evacuate the building safely.

Callers to local radio station News 1130 noted that black smoke could be seen from a nearby highway. One caller to the station estimated the flames to be “at least 100 feet” in height. Another caller to the station indicated that the fire appeared to be coming from the rear of the facility.


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