The 2015 CCIF Steering Committee. Members represent various auto claims economy sectors, including collision repair, insurance and paint and equipment suppliers.

Ottawa, Ontario -- October 8, 2015 -- The Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF) has announced it is currently seeking applications for the CCIF Steering Committee. The Steering Committee guides CCIf in establishing priority areas for action and ensuring the continued success of CCIF industry events and projects. 

Every year, one or more members of the CCIF Steering Committee completes their term. It is the responsibility of the Selection Committee and AIA Canada to accept and review proposals for new members.

Committee members are drawn from the various sectors represented by CCIF stakeholders. This includes collision repairers, OE manufacturers, insurers and suppliers. Applications are currently being accepted for the collision repairer, supplier and insurer sectors. 

Paul Prochilo of Prochilo Brothers Auto Collision in Toronto has served on the committee for two years. He says the reasons an individual would commit to joining the CCIF Steering Committee are their passion for the business, their commitment to improving industry and their desire to develop tremendous relationships.

"During my tenure, I have seen some truly amazing and significant changes to how the industry is engaging," he says. "CCIF has provided an excellent forum for all stakeholders to share ideas and information for industry improvement. In addition, as a CCIF Steering Committee member, you have direct involvement in communicating the needs of the industry to the AIA for action plan deployment."

Being a CCIF Steering Committee member comes with a very significant responsibility and requires attendance at all CCIF meetings. Steering Committee members should be decision makers in their respective organizations. As active industry leaders, members must have extensive industry experience, and be well-respected among industry stakeholders. Members should be seen as industry influencers and contributors, whose actions indicate that they operate in the best interest of industry as a whole.

Steering Committee members serve staggered terms of two years, renewable only upon the recommendation of the CCIF Chairman and AIA Canada. There is a term limit of six years to ensure turnover. 

Application forms are available at All applications should be sent to Leanne Jefferies, Director, Collision Programs, AIA Canada, via email to no later than November 15, 2015.

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