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Toronto, Ontario -- October 7, 2015 -- It all comes down to the bottom line, but there might be multiple ways to get there. Guild 21 will host a conference that invites repairers to reconsider traditional payment structures.

The call takes place Thursday, October 8 at 2 p.m. EST and features Michael Shesterkin of What's Next, presenting “You Can Pay Me Now, or You Can Pay Me Later: Why the Collision and Service Repair Industry Needs a Triple Bottom Line Approach.”

Shesterkin began his career in the automotive OEM paint industry working in product development and made significant contributions to the development of one of the industry’s first waterborne colour-coat systems. He has held various positions within the technical, sales, quality and senior management functions of the automotive paints and coatings industry, in both the OEM and vehicle refinish segments.

Guild 21 is presented by VeriFacts Automotive. To register for the Guild 21 conference call, please click here.



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