Eurovac's new facility in Toronto, occupying 32,000 sq. ft.

By Mike Davey

Toronto, Ontario -- September 10, 2015 -- Canadian company Eurovac has announced that it has moved is manufacturing operations to 44 Milvan Drive in Toronto, Ontario.

The company has grown rapidly in the past three years, thanks in part to high volume sales of its Eurovac II - Wet Mix Dust Collector to virtually every Ford dealership with a collision facility in the US, Canada and South America for the repair of the aluminum F-150. 

“Our manufacturing goal is to be as efficient as possible and to source components extremely well so we can offer well engineered products at sensible pricing,” says Eurovac’s President Burt Retter. “The new 32,000 sq. ft. building is 50 percent larger than the old facility. The extra space allows us to improve work flows and efficiencies.”

Retter notes that the increase in space allows for an overhead crane that runs the length of the plant, provides more space to store components by the production lines and allows for more dedicated manufacturing equipment.

Eurovac’s primary business is engineering and manufacturing portable and central high vacuum dust collectors. Retter says in recent years the sale of dust collectors has grown substantially as workers have become more conscious of health and safety concenrs, and collision repair facilities have had to meet safety standards for new materials like aluminum and composite materials. The particles can be dangerous even if you don’t inhale them, as they are both explosive and electrically conductive, which can cause problems with electrical systems.

“Fortunately Eurovac has been manufacturing wet mix dust collectors for aluminum dust for 20 years, so we were in a position to have the right product.”

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