No exaggeration needed. Some of the hailstones that hit Manitoba during Friday's storm were baseball sized. Photo by David Sawatzky.

By Jeff Sanford

Altona, Manitoba -- August 31, 2015 -- Large hail storms rolled through southeastern and south-central Manitoba this past weekend. The storms left a wake of destruction.

The CBC in that province is reporting that Manitoba Public Insurance received almost 300 hail-related claims over the weekend. The hail involved was particularly large. Pictures posted to the internet show local residents with softball-sized hail in the Beaconia Beach area of the province. Residents in the area described damage to windshields, roofs and gardens. Silver Falls and Matlock also reported baseball-sized hail.

According to the CBC “quarter-sized hail fell in the Teulon, Oakbank, Cooks Creek and Jessica Lake areas. Toonie-sized hailstones hit south Winnipeg.” So there should be lots of work for hail damage experts across the southern part of the province.




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