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By Jeff Sanford

Toronto, Ontario -- August 28, 2015 -- The US-based Automotive Service Association (ASA) announced a new research project this week concerning the repair of hail-damage of aluminum vehicles.

The study is a response to questions raised by the National Alliance of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians (NAPDRT) regarding proper processes for fixing aluminum body panels.

The ASA Collision Division Operations Committee will formally document the repair process necessary to restore aluminum panels that have suffered hail damage.

“Our goal is to provide an impartial review of the aluminum repair process as it relates to hail damage to dispel any misconceptions that may still exist,” says Scott Benavidez, AAM, ASA’s Collision Division Director.

Once completed, the study will be released to the industry for reference when writing damage assessments in this area.

“We commend Scott and the Collision Division Operations Committee team for taking on this challenge to address and document the differences between steel and aluminum repair,” says Tony Molla, ASA Vice President. “ASA has a role to play in being the voice of the collision repair industry and helping to keep our members and the industry at large abreast of the latest changes in technology and materials that impact the collision repair process. This study will add to the body of knowledge ASA makes available free to the industry to advance our common knowledge for all stakeholders.”

As more vehicles are made with aluminum, codifing the proper procedure for repairing hail dents has become an issue.
As in past studies, this project will compile research information from existing industry sources. Necessary procedures will be clearly defined for the industry. Eventually, the necessary procedures to repair aluminum panels will be included in a quick reference guide for use in writing an estimate.

Proper procedures will be compiled from input from collision repair professionals, industry organizations, manufacturers and training providers. The work will generate an impartial baseline for these types of repairs and will address any questions or misconceptions that may exist regarding aluminum repair.



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